2020 was a Non-Starter for Me

2 months ago : 2 min read

Something of a humbling experience, I left China in August '19 and ready to get back into Western life and a drive to get into Web Development and Software Engineering. I spend the past year studying what I could and building some smaller projects while learning. No Computer Science degree, no Boot camp.

2020 was meant to be the start of something serious for me, and then Covid-19 starting to take a grip on the world and hiring-freezing started settling in. My job alerts began drying up, and now here I am.

An inspiring conversation with a family friend in the job field, I got running again with patching holes in my knowledge and getting stuck into the events that were once in-person and now free online webcasts.

Now is the time to be taking this free-time and really developing what you can

So, I'm doing just that, I've scratched up on Data Structures and Algorithms, I've gotten my head around Typescript. I still have other lessons I want to learn like native mobile development, however, for now, I'm going for the spit-and-polish approach. I'm revisiting what I've learnt, old projects that I should have hosted online ages ago, and finally getting to grips with having an online presence again.

I'm sat on quite extensive notes, and without plagiarising any course or material that I've learnt from, I do think that everything that I'm learning is best shared online rather than sat as 1s and 0s in my laptop. Not to mention that technology moves so fast right now, that it'll probably be outdated by this time next year. Just like how searching anything outside of MDN or other well-maintained sources, you can find yourself looking at outdated or hacky approaches. I mean, just google 'centring with CSS'.