About Me

Hi, I'm Alex.

A self-taught, full-stack Javascript developer from the UK with a passion for figuring out how things work, and then continually breaking them.

With a Photography BA(Hons), I've travelled across two continents and about 20 countries in a year; spending my birthday in Hungary, Christmas in Sri Lanka and New Years in Myanmar. Afterwards, I stayed in China for another two years before returning to the UK.

Since September '19, I've pushed myself to learn modern web and Full-stack JS development. Currently, I love working on front end UI. For example, this website:

Build with Typescript, React, and Gatsby. Pulling content from Contentful CMS, and parsing raw markdown into repeatable pages hosted on Netlify. All while adopting Test-Driven-Development and integrating Travis-Ci to check my latest additions haven't broken anything.

Soon there'll be previous work and write-ups featured here (If there isn't already and I've overlooked this line)