Accessibility Colour Palettes

30th July, '20 : 2 min read

My Colour Contrast App is based on the idea of allowing you to pick your own colours and branding but then being able to plug it into this react app to ensure that the colours align with one-another across the board

AlexEdwards-co Case Study

18th June, '20 : 2 min read

Now that the site is at it's required state, it's time to write up a report on it's operations

Parsing Markdown from Contentful

13th June, '20 : 6 min read

A Heavy topic of how to accurately transform Markdown from Contentful into react-friendly nodes that will render beautifully within the rest of the site.

Rendering a Page

12th June, '20 : 4 min read

Covering how to take Contentful CMS and inject it into our elements

Writing the First Test & Component

10th June, '20 : 4 min read

Describing the process of TDD'ing a component in Gatsby

Creating My Jamstack site

6th June, '20 : 5 min read

My aim to write up how I got this very website working


29th April, '20 : 2 min read

After a few weeks of studying and brushing up on areas like Data Structures and Algorithms, I've recently finished a course on Typescript. After this, I started to revisit my favourite side project

2020 was a Non-Starter for Me

24th April, '20 : 2 min read

2020 was meant to be the start of something serious for me, and then Covid-19 starting to take a grip on the world and hiring-freezing started settling in. My job alerts began drying up, and now here I am.


1st January, '20 : 4 min read

This is my templating script to test parsing of Markdown